Tuesday, 8 May 2012

comments about Tales of the Buddha before he got Enlightened

It's now looking that the Ebook release will be out in June , so to wet your appertite here are some odd panels and wonderful comments to read ...

John Wagner writer Judge Dredd, Darkies Mob, History of Violence

''Buddha is OM-TASTIC''

David Lloyd artist/writer Kickback artist V for Vendetta

'' Fantastic and Funny! ''

Frank Quitely All Star Superman, WE3, The X-Men, Batman and Robin

"Jon Haward's art has never looked better"

Mike Deodato Jr artist New Avengers, Secret Avengers

''Great work! Epic adult humor!''

Liam R Sharp artist,novelist and Publisher. CCO at Madefire.

" If this doesn't raise a smile it can only mean Botox abuse, death, or dentistry."

Duncan Fegredo artist Hellboy

'' So it turns out the road to enlightenment is paved with levity, thank God for that! ''

Dave Taylor artist Batman, Judge Dredd

'' more hilarious than the Bible and far better illustrated.''

Lew Stringer cartoonist artist/writer comics historian of blimey another blog about comics

'' Tales of the Buddha delivers witty scripts and meticulous artwork that makes it a pleasure to read. Like many of the great comics it's irreverent and non conformist, but most importantly it succeeds at being very funny. Jon Haward goes the extra mile to give value for money in every page he draws. Enlighten yourselves and buy it! ''

Simon Williams artist Spider-man, Incredible Hulk vs Deaths Head

'' Buddha-mania running wild in 2012 via Alan Grant & Jon Haward ''

Joe Gordon Forbidden Planet International

"the path to Enlightenment can be fun''

Terry Hooper-Scharf Publisher Black Tower Books and comicbitsonline.com

"Tales of the Buddha before he got Enlightened" is a fun thing to read. Great gags. Great artwork -one of the few things that I can read and get a smile from! It has long deserved a solo volume of its own.

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